Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Community Service

Having just recently started a committee here at the high school with a few other teachers, I am interested in getting some student feedback on the new community service requirement.

Being a teacher and someone who believes in the importance of a tight-knit community built upon teamwork, I am really excited that Norton now requires this. I think too many students grow up in towns where they really don't get involved and appreciate where they come from. I think the community service requirement will give students an opportunity to not just help out organizations and businesses in need, but will also foster a connection with the town itself. It may even give students some ideas as to what they might want to do (or not do) after college?

I'm curious to see how students feel about the number of hours required and what types of projects you have been or see yourself getting involved with. Are you excited at the chance to do something for a group or organization in need? Maybe you want to work with the elderly...or work with animals...or do something to make the town or school look better? Have you already completed the number of hours required? Have you found something you really enjoyed doing that you have kept doing it past the number of required hours?