Tuesday, February 12, 2008

WWII veterans

I recently had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Herb Church into my classroom to speak to my students about what it was like living and serving in the World War II era. I am creating this post specifically to get feedback from the students who were present in the room and to encourage more of you to appreciate what those soldiers did for this country and the world.

Mr. Church presented a wealth of information about his personal story including people he met, tragedies he witnessed, and his voyage across the world. Unfortunately, it won't be long before there won't be any WWII veterans left to tell these stories. Of the 16 million who served, less than 4 million are still alive and veterans from that war are dying at a rate of 1,056 a day. I encourage you to find out if you have any veterans in your lives who you might be able to speak with regarding their personal stories.

For the students who were present, what did you think? Would you be interested in having veterans from Korea, Vietnam, or Desert Storm come in later this year?