Thursday, September 10, 2009

A New Year

A new school year has just begun at Norton High School. Whenever September rolls around, there is a mix of emotions. For me, I am always sad to see the summer go. For my money, there is no more pleasant a place to be in the summer than New England.

I had the good fortune of finishing up my graduate courses in July so I had some free time to relax and travel in August. Some of the highlights were the obvious trip to Woodstock, a few days in Maine, a weekend in the Berkshires, and plenty of time down the Cape.

While I am sad to see the end of summer, I am definately feeling refreshed and am really excited for this school year...perhaps more than any other. I am teaching some courses that I really enjoy teaching. I seem to have a great group of students from what I can tell so far. In addition, I have the opportunity to advise the Class of 2010 through their senior year. Working with the class for the past 2 years has been great. I feel privileged to be able to help them through their final days of high school. I am excited to be able to plan trips, class night, and most importantly, graduation. They might find it hard to believe, but I am (almost) as excited as they are to navigate through this very exciting year in their lives.

I am expecting a good year. What are you excited about?